Gay Aruba: Caribbean Gem

Although Aruba is not large enough to have a self-sustained gay scene, but this tropical paradise of an island is all-around gay-friendly and has launched several campaigns aimed at attracting LGBT visitors. Most hotels and resorts are welcoming of gay guests and several are happy to throw you a gay wedding.

The only gay bar in town, Jimmy's Place, tends to get pretty crowded - and the party often expands to the outdoor patio. Oh, the perks of yearlong tropical weather.

The most popular beach, Eagle Beach, is also embracing of gay visitors and locals alike. And although it's not technically "nude beach," (no nudity below the waist) sun bathing topless is not as salacious as we think in the states.

Those visitors looking to shop should check out Caya G.F. Betico Croes, the main shopping district in Aruba, lined with boutiques, gift shops and stores featuring local arts and crafts.

Restaurants to check out